There are many live foods which can be fed to your fishes, and I would say that to bring fish into breeding condition you do need to feed some live food.

Many people will disagree with this and say that just feeding flake food will do the same job. Everyone to his or her own opinion.

Foods that we feed every week are Bloodworm, white worm and daphnia. We often feed approx once a fortnight brine shrimp and tubifex.

Bloodworm are red worms which can be found in water butts and similar places where there are rotting leaves or vegetation but only in very small amounts. They can be bought in your local pet shops in bags for about 30p, but do remember to drain off the water and only feed the worms.

Daphnia or water fleas are found in ponds filter beds or again for ease can be purchased in shops for about the same price as bloodworm. These again are good for all fishes and give them something to chase around the tank. The only time that I do not feed daphnia is when Angelfish have young on, I have found that the young angels tend to disappear with the daphnia.

Brine Shrimp Adult brine shrimp is bought from the shops but if I need newly hatched for my fry then I will hatch some over 24 hours. My way is a demijohn with a heater in it filled to the neck with aired water and 2 tablespoons of cooking salt added and 1 teaspoon of eggs and away you go. Newly hatched shrimp in 24/36 hours feed that and watch the fry bellies swell.

Earthworms easy soak in milk to clean then chop them up and feed..

Tubifex Worms live in sludge from the sewage works but can be bought from retail shops by a measure. This should be kept under running water at all times. If this is not possible then only buy what you can feed in one go, you can buy worm feeders in which you can put the tubifex in your tank.

Hard Boiled egg yolk this will cause infusoria to feed newly hatched fry for the first few days.

I usually put a small amount into some muslin or clean piece of cloth and dip it in the water so that a milky liquid drips from the cloth into the tank and watch the bellies go yellow.

These are members thought and not necessary everyone else’s what I say is if it works for you carry on it may not work for everyone.


Thanks to John without
his help I could not have made this site