We set off from home at 6.30am the reason being we wanted to combine both our hobbies of bird watching and fishkeeping. Our first stop was at edge of Ambleside


Then on to Thirlmere here again we stopped to take in the views we had never been to this area before so decided to pull in at the top of the hill where there is a pull in and oh what views

After a short stay here taking the views we moved on to Keswick had a run around the one way system and back on to the main road and on our way.
Now we arrive at our first major destination Mirehouses overlooking Bassenthwaite Lake to see the Ospreys which are breeding in the wooded area across the lake. We were to allow ourselves about an hour and half here as we were told it was about 20 to 30 mins walk up a rather steep incline to get to the viewing station. They were not joking about the steepness it sure was but in fact it only took about 15 mins to get there.
At the station there were plenty of helpers to show where the Ospreys were nesting but unfortunately you were unable to get any photos owing the mist and the long distance had they been flying we would have got some good pictures.
Our next surprise was a Red Squirrel was sat up in one of the pine trees without a care in the world, one of the wardens threw down some food.
Time was by now getting on and it was time to leave this wonderful place, with just time for a quick cuppa at the café at the bottom of the hill. The scones can be highly recommended here along with the carrot cake and apple pie and fresh cream yummy
Bassenthwaite Lake
family watching osprey
Red Squirrel

We arrived at Workington show first person we saw was John Cowan who was busy unloading his fish and was very surprised to see us there.
Next was our friendly Yorkshire lads the Critches what a greeting we got from them "What you doing here" usual friendly banter went on most of the day it was a nice friendly show. Other travelers were Roy Johnston, Ray, Ian and Mick all from Bradford who sat with us all afternoon.
The auction conducted by Steve Spencer had a good selection of fish and equipment in - even I bought some fish 2 banjos and an ottocinclus. The Critch family had a very good day on the show side winning Best In Show and seven first with Ian from Bradford gaining second best in show and two first a second and a third.
There were 109 fish on the bench and 12 lots in the auction the show was judged to FSAS rules.
By 4.00pm we were on our way back having thanked the Workington members for a truly wonderful afternoon and saying goodbye to all our friend

We came back Windermere had a walk around took photos of the lake and then wound our way back to Carnforth and Warton Crag to see the Peregrine Falcon which we have been keeping an eye on over the past couple of months, the chick will soon be fully fledged and away.
Windermereperegrine at warton Crag

By this time we are getting pretty hungry so we went down to Morecambe for a meal. A wander down to the jetty to see if any more birds about then set off for home about 9pm in wonderful light arriving home at about 10.45
Finishing off a wonderful day 296 miles in all.

Sue and Arthur Kenworthy


Thanks to John without
his help I could not have made this site