Otocinclus cat fish, recommended for community tanks with any algae these fish love it. Nice and peaceful but do not place in with the more active cichlids.


Gold sailfin molly lovely golden colour peaceful but do need a little salt. Livebearer swims at all ranges average water conditions enjoys a planted tank.

Male Guppy probably the best know tropical fish a starter fish for all easy to keep, easy to breed. Females are less colourful and do not have the large tail.

 Bronze corydoras catfish peaceful swims and feeds from the bottom of the tank. Feed catfish tablets or pellets.

 Silver sailfin Molly as for gold molly conditions the same as gold sailfim molly

 Pencil fish gentle species the male is more slender and has white tips on the fins

Neon Tetra everyone’s favourite very peaceful but likes to be in shoals. Best to have in about sixes. Loves freeze dried brine shrimp.

Penguin a nice little fish that swims all over the tank lots of movement enjoys a well planted tank.


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