Anubias nana this is a very hardy plant for the front of your tank unfortunately not all shops stock this plant and you may have to ask them to get it for you

Bacopa Caroliniana this plant will spread well and make a very good cover plant for fry. Break pieces off and stick them into the gravel and they will root.


Hair grass you either love it or hate it, I love it, if you can get hold of it, it is quite hard to grow but once it is going there's no stopping it will grow to one foot high. Ask friends if they have some and start it off in your tank

Indian Fern can either be planted or used as a floating plant, small pieces that brake off will form roots and they can be left to float or plant them.

Vallis either straight or twisted but you do need quite a bit of it to make any impression

Red Hygrophillia lovely plant if it would only stay red there is also a green form


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